Alfresco 5.1: AOS troubleshooting

Since Alfresco Community 5.1, SharePoint Protocol for Alfresco is provided by a new software called AOS (Alfresco Office Services), which replaces the VTI one.

SSL is required in order to use Edit online and SPP features, so following links could help with this task:

Although AOS 1.1.3 has full support for Microsoft Office 2016 (both Windows and Mac clients), current Alfresco Community release 201605 GA is including just only AOS 1.1, so you can experiment some issues with these clients.

Under some circumstances, it will be also required to add following property to your


If  you are behind an HTTP server, remember to add these URL extensions:

So, from my own experience:

  • Raw Alfresco 5.1: Office 2016 from Windows client running
  • Alfresco 5.1 + AOS 1.1.3: Office 2016 from Windows and Mac clients running
  • SSO (Kerberos) + AOS: some issues has been detected

It’s also important to note that Office 2016 for Mac requires trusted certificates, so it could be hard to make it running in Intranets [ You can always use Mac OS Keychain app to declare a self-signed certificate as trusted ]

Alfresco as Sharepoint has been evolving and fixing issues in the last months, but there is no “rock-solid” version still available for Community users.




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