Alfresco Share form field visibility depending on other field value

It’s not a common scenario, but sometimes user requirements include dynamic field control visibility depending on a value stored in other field from the same fieldset. Let’s imagine that we have to show a field named cm:comment only if the field named cm:title includes the sentence Including comments. Declaring the Share Form Control configuration forContinue reading “Alfresco Share form field visibility depending on other field value”

Alfresco, counting more than 1000 elements

Many people need to count elements inside the repository. In a common repository, having more than 1,000 elements from the same type or aspect is a regular scenario. In this blog post, several ways of counting elements in Alfresco repository are exposed. Problem statement How many nodes having businessDocument aspect are in the repository? Let’sContinue reading “Alfresco, counting more than 1000 elements”

How to create a Site for Alfresco using Java API

Some time ago, Site creation in Alfresco was driven by Share web application. So using a simple SiteService.createSite from repository Java API is not enough to provide access to the site from Share. Below some useful snippets are listed. Creating the Site Adding site members Including at least a Manager is advisable. Creating dashboard ThisContinue reading “How to create a Site for Alfresco using Java API”