New Hyland Developer Evangelist is coming!

I’ve been involved in Alfresco Product development for the last three years, mainly focused in the Search capabilities of the product. Since Alfresco Search Team is full of talented people, I’ve enjoyed that experience greatly.

However, I decided to change my role in the company, so I’m starting today in my role as Developer Evangelist in Hyland.

I guess this is the right moment to look back…

Source Code

As Alfresco Engineer, I built some Alfresco Community tools publicly available in GitHub:

I was also creating some transform services using the Local Transformer paradigm introduced in ACS 6.2

When Java Out-Of-Process SDK was released, I made some tests for the new features:

Also some samples and tutorials are available:

And you can find even some useful development tools:




That was an amazing time… Let’s see if I’m able to perform even better in my new role!

Hyland Developer Evangelist

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