Developing repo actions in Alfresco 5.1

Recently I’ve been told about an issue in our software related to a custom action which was modifying a NodeRef created inside the current transaction. In Alfresco Share, a rule on a folder can be configured to execute an action by selecting two different modes: Run in background The action is executed in a new threadContinue reading “Developing repo actions in Alfresco 5.1”

Alfresco – Using plain HTTP for SOLR from Alfresco 5.1

Official Alfresco documentation on this is now available: In Alfresco 5.0 and before, configuring SOLR to run without SSL, involved modifying both SOLR and Alfresco web.xml files. This modifications make harder AMP addon deployments and some other maintenance operations. From Alfresco 5.1 this feature can be configured without any web.xml modification, thanks to theContinue reading “Alfresco – Using plain HTTP for SOLR from Alfresco 5.1”

Alfresco: extending Aikau pages using Aikau services

Alfresco official documentation, which lives in , has been expanded during the last year and nowadays, it contains detailed information on many technical topics. One of these topics is Alfresco Share extension, including different extension techniques such as Surf Pages, Aikau Surf Pages, Aikau widgets, Web Scripts, Spring Surf extensions and Dashlets. Recently, I’ve been workingContinue reading “Alfresco: extending Aikau pages using Aikau services”