Spring WS 1.0 using Castor 1.1.1 marshalling (force UTF-8 encoding)

While XMLBeans performs marshalling operations using UTF-8 encoding by default, Castor XML relies on implicit Stream encoding. So, it’s mandatory to set UTF-8 encoding when using Castor marshalling on a Web Services client. Below a Spring WS web service client sample using XWSS 3.0 is exposed. Spring’s application context (applicationContext.xml) and XWSS security policy fileContinue reading “Spring WS 1.0 using Castor 1.1.1 marshalling (force UTF-8 encoding)”

Upload file to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (aka MOSS2007) provides a web services catalog in order to perform a large collection of operations on it. Morever, if enabled, WebDAV access is available. The obvious way to upload a file to MOSS Shared Documents is the use of WebDAV protocol, however Microsoft includes a web service to performContinue reading “Upload file to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007”

Spring WS web app deployment on different application servers

JEE libraries dependencies is one of the most delicate processes when configuring any web app deployment. Many developers include extra libraries, incoherent combinations of library versions or releases non approved for production environments due to lack of documentation or knowledge. Maven have contributed to make this process easier, however there is a long way to walk in thisContinue reading “Spring WS web app deployment on different application servers”