3 simple optimisations for AngularJS + Java architectures

Nowadays, web app architectures are including an AngularJS layer for user interface and a Spring Boot for REST services. As in the popular JHipster, which is selecting this kind of architecture. In this post, taking above image architecture as reference, a performance optimization based in 3 simple actions is analysed. These tests have been performedContinue reading “3 simple optimisations for AngularJS + Java architectures”

Why choosing (public) open source is a so keen choice

I’m spending some days extending an aged OpenCMS project (so aged as OpenCMS 7.0) to include some new features. It’s not a nice task but someone has to perform it. The facts I’m trying not to inspect all this crazy code, but sometimes I simply can’t apart my eyes from it. Let me share with youContinue reading “Why choosing (public) open source is a so keen choice”