Customize target URL according to the user ROLE with Spring Security 2

It’s there some idea about this issue, but I think there’s no simple solution exposed. You can achieve this behaviour by modifying applicationContext.xml and by extending Spring’s AuthenticationProcessingFilter. applicationContext.xml Custom Authentication Processing Filter It seems simple, however, it becomes complex because of Spring Security documentation, which is results very poor for integration purposes.

Spring Security 2.0 and Spring 2.0.X

Spring Security allows applications to include authentication features in J2EE applications with a very few effort. However, configuration in previous versions, like Acegi Security, was a hard task to perform by a newcomer. Spring people talks about a difference of a hundred of configuration lines between Acegi 1.0 (120 lines for configuration) and Security 2.0Continue reading “Spring Security 2.0 and Spring 2.0.X”