Complementary triggers using Quartz and Spring

Following example configures one quartz job to run on normal days and another quartz job to run on holidays dates. That is, one quartz trigger run when the other not. I imagine some easier solution exists, but it works. applicationContext.xml dates.prop workingDays.legalHolidays=2008-01-01,2008-03-21,2008-03-24,2008-05-01,2008-05-08,2008-05-12,2008-07-14,2008-08-15,2008-11-11,2008-12-25

Accessing Spring’s applicationContext from a Quartz job

Quartz is a job scheduler for java. Execution periods can be expressed using the same expressions used in cron. Jobs are lauched by Quartz as static classes outside in a standalone way. If a Quartz job uses a bean from inside a webapp, applicationContext from Spring must be shared with the job. I’ve found two resources in orderContinue reading “Accessing Spring’s applicationContext from a Quartz job”