Sorting users by firstName and lastName fields in Alfresco 6

Using default settings, Alfresco 6 users can’t be ordered by firstName and lastName, as this properties are not declared as identifiers by default. The following call to the RESP API is getting users ordered by firstName, lastName and userName. This invocation will produce an error similar to: If you want this feature working in yourContinue reading “Sorting users by firstName and lastName fields in Alfresco 6”

My recap from Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2020

Last May 11, the 7th edition of the Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon was celebrated. This year, as lockdown is required for many countries, no Hacker room was available. So we only met in the Zoom Room created for the event. This is a Community Supported event, organised by the Order of the Bee and leadedContinue reading “My recap from Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2020”

Preparing the Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2020

Next May 11, Alfresco is going to celebrate the 7th Global Virtual Hack-a-thon. During this event, developers from every part of the world (starting from Australia, later joining from Asia, later Europe/Africa & finally Americas) will be hacking Alfresco in a 24 hours non stop session. All Alfresco developer, engineers, architects – anyone who lovesContinue reading “Preparing the Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2020”