One entry point for several web services using Spring WS 1.0

Defining one entry point for every web service request in the system can be advisable in specific scenarios such as security based on URL ones. Below it’s described this kind of solution using Spring WS 1.0 as web service stack and XMLBeans 2 as marshalling method. web.xml Define desired URL (for instance, http://server/app/services/) applicationContext.xml Configuration to get XMLObjects fromContinue reading “One entry point for several web services using Spring WS 1.0”

Accessing XMLBeans by DOM

XMLBeans can be used to bind XML data from web services requests to Java beans. A JAR library containing this Java beans can be generated compiling XSD files with XMLBeans scomp utility. Once this Java beans are available on the system, XML attributes can be accessed using simple getters and setters from Java. Besides, Spring WS provides a functionality inContinue reading “Accessing XMLBeans by DOM”