SSO support for Aikau apps

Alfresco Share webapp supports Kerberos SSO since many years ago. In order to enable SSO in a standalone Aikau application some of these SSO Alfresco Share resources have to be copied to the web application. Starting from the default aikau-sample web app, following steps are including these resources to enable SSO support. Creating a new Aikau clientContinue reading “SSO support for Aikau apps”

Alfresco: extending Aikau widgets without “id”

One of the most used mechanisms to extend Aikau pages is to find a page widget with widgetUtils.findObject function and to inject new services and new widgets in order to build an extended Aikau page. However, what about if our targeted widget has no ID field? I was extending Manage Sites aikau page (manage-sites.get.js) toContinue reading “Alfresco: extending Aikau widgets without “id””