Consuming MTOM/XOP web services from Axis 1

Axis 1 does not support MTOM specification for the client side (and it only supports this specification partially for the server side [1]). However, sometimes this combination is required due to technologic restrictions. In this tutorial is described a way to access MTOM/XOP web services for file transfers using Axis 1 as client by implementingContinue reading “Consuming MTOM/XOP web services from Axis 1”

Upload file to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (aka MOSS2007) provides a web services catalog in order to perform a large collection of operations on it. Morever, if enabled, WebDAV access is available. The obvious way to upload a file to MOSS Shared Documents is the use of WebDAV protocol, however Microsoft includes a web service to performContinue reading “Upload file to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007”

WebSphere 6.1 web service client using SSL

It’s hard to develop web services using native WebSphere 6.1 support without the aid of IBM developing tools such as Application Server Toolkit or Rational Application Developer. Even it’s hard to find, download and install these tools. IBM provides a bunch of detailed information and manuals on every product, but this fact does not guaranteeContinue reading “WebSphere 6.1 web service client using SSL”