Using Alfresco associations in CMIS

CMIS is a standard specification designed to be used as client API for different ECM platforms. Alfresco provides great support for this standard. However, when managing associations (named relationships in CMIS), there are some limitations to consider: Associations cannot be created when creating the node, they must be created after Associations are not available inContinue reading “Using Alfresco associations in CMIS”

Using CMIS Browser protocol

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is an Oasis Standard to work with one or more Content Management repositories. The API is exposed using three different bindings for clients: Web Services SOAP (CMIS 1.0 compliant) Using SOAP Protocol with WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 and Basic Security Profile 1.0. Sample endpoint for Alfresco Repository: http://localhost:8080/alfresco/cmisws/cmis?wsdl RESTful AtomPub (CMIS 1.1 compliant) REST invocationsContinue reading “Using CMIS Browser protocol”

Using secondary types (aspects) as cmis:items in Alfresco CMIS queries

CMIS Standard 1.1 defines a cmis:item object type as: A new top level data model type that is an extension point for repositories that need to expose any other object types via CMIS that do not fit the model’s definition for document, folder, relationship or policy. But it also stays that: Please note that theContinue reading “Using secondary types (aspects) as cmis:items in Alfresco CMIS queries”