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  1. Hi, We are doing a project in a company which has its own MUA client and server..What we are supposed to do is to make the client independent of the backend server.ie the client should be able to retireve mails from an imap server or pop server too.So we are going to add wrapper classes to the MUA server..The client w ill be untouched..The MUA server will act as a client to the IMAP server and will pass the rerquest.In all the functions we are passing the UID but the functions available to us via the IMAP library need sequence numbers..so my question is given a UID how to find the sequence number?? Please help me ..I need a reply fast

  2. Hi angelborroy, Can you please tell me what was the answer to the problem that you had regarding [com.ibm.wsspi.wssecurity.SoapSecurityException: WSEC5620E: Error verifying signature] that I saw you put in a forum but I found no answer about it. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    I have to upgrade an Alfresco community 4.2.b to the latest Alfresco community (201602 GA or 5.1.e according to the README file). I have downloaded this file http://dl.alfresco.com/release/community/201602-build-00005/alfresco-community-installer-201602-linux-x64.bin

    My question is: can I upgrade directly to 4.2.b to 5.1.e ?? (I did not read anything saying the contrary).

    I am asking because all my attempts have failed so far. I have read and followed your post (https://angelborroy.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/our-way-from-alfresco-4-2-c-to-alfresco-5-0-c/) and offical doc (http://docs.alfresco.com/community/tasks/upgrade-process.html). The tomcat server started, database was patched, … but it failed to use the repository. It may be something related to multitenancy but I am not sure and I have read that it’s enabled by default and for me it should be enabled in some parameters in the database.

    This is a firstime for me with Alfresco administration so I am not yet confortable with it.


    1. There is no public upgrade path for Alfresco CE, but in your case I’ll try with a two steps upgrading: 4.2.b > 5.0.c > 5.1.e

      I’ve tested both paths and they work without big issues.

  4. Hi Angel,
    Was having a look at the Alfresco Datalist Constraint Add ON and was wondering is you could please share how to hook the custom datalist (Option) to a custom property. I could not find any sample configs for how that’s done in share-custom-config.xml

    1. Hi Kavi,

      Thanks for your interest.

      You have to use the control in your custom field declaring as itemType the name of the datalist.

      <field id="cus:customField" >
          <control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/datalistSelectone.ftl">
             <control-param name="itemType">DataListName</control-param>


  5. hola
    me podrías ayudar he estado investigando en alfresco como hacer que los usuarios que creo en alfresco se guarden en la bd de alfresco y en otra para el uso de otra aplicacion pero el codigo para hacer la coneccion e insersion de los datos las quiero ubicar en el boton de crear usuario pero no encuentro la ruta o el archivo estoy usando alfresco community 5.1

    1. Creo que la manera más sencilla de realizarlo sería programar un behavior en la creación de usuarios.

      Échale un vistazo al tutorial de Jeff Potts sobre behaviors para empezar.

  6. gracias yo en otras aplicaciones eh realizado esta replicacion a traves de el odbc para establecer coneccion con las bd y solo programaba el boton para que realice la replicaion por ese motivo queria saber la ubicacion del boton bueno te agradezco

  7. Hi, angelborroy
    Our company connects its base AD to Alfresco. The basic settings are complete, but two problems remain.
    The first is to insert photos for users. My problem is described here https://community.alfresco.com/thread/241214-users-photo-from-ad-to-alfresco.
    The second is the gluing of the values of two fields from AD, to transfer this variable to Alfresco (Name = FirstName + MaddleName)
    like this: ldap.synchronization.userFirstNameAttributeName=givenName


    Could you tell me in which direction to solve its.
    Thank you for your help.

  8. Hi
    I want to have some indications to use deeply the SOLR API to have some consistent statistics concerning the muliple Alfresco sites :
    I used this URL https://localhost/solr/alfresco/s/api/solrstats with facets and sites, but I got some inconsistencies.
    Is there any consisten method to have these statistics.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Hello Angel Borroy, i have tried your new OCR Engine within the Alfresco Community Edition 7.1 and wanted to say “thanks” for your great work. One caveat i found though is that if you upload large documents (e.g. a 75 mb PDF file) the OCR engine works perfectly and a new version of the PDF is added to the DMS, but: the solr search indexer does not index the OCR’d text content, searching does not return any matches. If i upload smaller PDF documents (e.g. 5 MB) the OCR’d text content is indexed and the search works as expected. What is going wrong?

      1. Hello Angel Borroy, thank you very much for the fast reply and help. I will try modifying solrcore.properties and get back to you with a report on success or failure. Thanks again!

  10. Hello,ok, i tried the new settings by recreating my “search” docker image and replacing the default setting with 256MB. It still does not index the document.You may try for yourself: Download https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a17/A17_FlightPlan.pdf, then create a LARGE PDF file using e.g. PDFtk: pdftk A17_FlightPlan.pdf A17_FlightPlan.pdf A17_FlightPlan.pdf cat output A17_FlightPlan-large.pdf the resulting file is 80mb big. It is OCR’d, but not indexed.

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