Spring Batch 2.0: Retry a tasklet

Retry strategies in Spring Batch 2.0 allow chunk reprocessing under several fails. However, there is no core support to Tasklet steps retry and so, AOP techniques must be used. Below both retry patterns (chunk and tasklet) are exposed. Chunk retry: retry three times if some exception occurs on “chunk” execution Tasklet retry: retry three times ifContinue reading “Spring Batch 2.0: Retry a tasklet”

Spring Batch 2.0: Current Resource of a MultiResourceItemReader

[UPDATE. This feature is available on Spring Batch 2.0.1. Thanks for your interest, Dan. So, following code it’s just only an exercise on reflection and dirty access to private methods and fields] MultiResourceItemReader class reads items from multiple resources sequentially. Below a classic job configuration using this feature is exposed. Note. “job”, “step”, “tasklet” andContinue reading “Spring Batch 2.0: Current Resource of a MultiResourceItemReader”