Oracle JDBC Driver and Spring 2.0.X Timestamp issue

Oracle JDBC Driver (ojdbc14.jar) Spring Framework 2.0 Using Spring JDBC in such way Timestamp fields are recovered without time information (hours, minutes and seconds set to 0). It seems some issue relative to Sun or Oracle, but there is a workaround in order to achieve desired result. Our batch process failed last night because ofContinue reading “Oracle JDBC Driver and Spring 2.0.X Timestamp issue”

Oracle JDBC date manipulation

Consider following SQL queries:   It seems both queries should be similar. Moreover, I thought the second one would be the fastest. However, the sample below shows another reality. With my data results are: Query 1: 1208 ms. Query 2: 20038 ms. Curious behaviour. Edited! An explanation can be always found (Spanish link): JDBC 9.x yContinue reading “Oracle JDBC date manipulation”