WebSphere 6.1 web service client using SSL

It’s hard to develop web services using native WebSphere 6.1 support without the aid of IBM developing tools such as Application Server Toolkit or Rational Application Developer. Even it’s hard to find, download and install these tools. IBM provides a bunch of detailed information and manuals on every product, but this fact does not guaranteeContinue reading “WebSphere 6.1 web service client using SSL”

ThreadLocal considerations. Use in WebSphere 6 and Weblogic 10.

ThreadLocal class enables the sharing of a variable in a statically way across a whole Java process by attaching this variable to a single Thread (p.e. Thread.currentThread()). This is specially useful to make accesible values recovered in filter layer to the other ones. Think about database logging of HTTP requests or responses. Note that this is theContinue reading “ThreadLocal considerations. Use in WebSphere 6 and Weblogic 10.”