ThreadLocal considerations. Use in WebSphere 6 and Weblogic 10.

ThreadLocal class enables the sharing of a variable in a statically way across a whole Java process by attaching this variable to a single Thread (p.e. Thread.currentThread()). This is specially useful to make accesible values recovered in filter layer to the other ones. Think about database logging of HTTP requests or responses. Note that this is theContinue reading “ThreadLocal considerations. Use in WebSphere 6 and Weblogic 10.”

Spring Security 2.0 and Spring 2.0.X

Spring Security allows applications to include authentication features in J2EE applications with a very few effort. However, configuration in previous versions, like Acegi Security, was a hard task to perform by a newcomer. Spring people talks about a difference of a hundred of configuration lines between Acegi 1.0 (120 lines for configuration) and Security 2.0Continue reading “Spring Security 2.0 and Spring 2.0.X”

SAAJ 1.3, Weblogic 10 and Spring WS 1.0

You can find detailed literature regarding this issue, such as Arjen Poutsma personal blog article Spring Web Services FAQ The main problem is that Weblogic 9 and 10 include SAAJ 1.2 interface but SAAJ 1.1 implementation. So, the use of SAAJ 1.2 and SAAJ 1.3 on Weblogic must be set externally. I decided to includeContinue reading “SAAJ 1.3, Weblogic 10 and Spring WS 1.0”