Customize target URL according to the user ROLE with Spring Security 2

It’s there some idea about this issue, but I think there’s no simple solution exposed.

You can achieve this behaviour by modifying applicationContext.xml and by extending Spring’s AuthenticationProcessingFilter.


<!-- Spring Security Authentication -->
<http auto-config="false" entry-point-ref="authenticationProcessingFilterEntryPoint">
<!-- LITERAL user can only access to literal pages -->
<intercept -url pattern="/*iteral.htm" access="ROLE_LITERAL,ROLE_ADMIN" />
<!-- ADMIN user can access everywhere -->
<intercept -url pattern="/**.htm" access="ROLE_ADMIN" />

<!-- User list -->
<authentication -provider>
<password -encoder hash="md5"/>
<user -service>
<user name="admin" password="21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3" authorities="ROLE_ADMIN" />
<user name="literals" password="b284ec8f1c7a6208901d2a5d27d17a32" authorities="ROLE_LITERAL" />

<!-- Entry point properties -->
<authentication -manager alias="authenticationManagerAlias"/>
<bean id="authenticationProcessingFilterEntryPoint" class="">
<property name="loginFormUrl" value="/login.htm"/>
<property name="forceHttps" value="false" />
< -- Custom Authentication Processing Filter -->
<bean id="customAuthenticationProcessingFilter" class="CustomAuthenticationProcessingFilter">
<property name="filterProcessesUrl" value="/j_spring_security_check" />
<property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="/index.sdf"/>
<property name="authenticationManager" ref="authenticationManagerAlias"/>
<custom -filter position="AUTHENTICATION_PROCESSING_FILTER"/>

Custom Authentication Processing Filter

public class CustomAuthenticationProcessingFilter extends AuthenticationProcessingFilter {

  public static final String ROLE_ADMIN = "ROLE_ADMIN";

  private static final String ROLE_ADMIN_TARGET_URL = "/index.htm";
  private static final String NON_ROLE_ADMIN_TARGET_URL = "/literal.htm";

  protected String determineTargetUrl(HttpServletRequest request) {

    boolean isAdmin = hasRole(ROLE_ADMIN); 

    String targetUrl;
    if (isAdmin) {
      targetUrl = ROLE_ADMIN_TARGET_URL;
    } else {
      targetUrl = NON_ROLE_ADMIN_TARGET_URL;

    return targetUrl;

    * Returns true is user authenticated has role
  public static boolean hasRole(String role) {

    boolean userHasRole = false;
    GrantedAuthority[] grantedAuthorities = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getAuthorities();

    for (GrantedAuthority grantedAuthority : grantedAuthorities) {
      if (role.equals(grantedAuthority.toString())) {
        userHasRole = true;

    return userHasRole;



It seems simple, however, it becomes complex because of Spring Security documentation, which is results very poor for integration purposes.



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