Alfresco Meetup Seville 2019

9th April 2019

The first Alfresco Meetup in six years in Seville, happened yesterday at the University of Seville.

The event was organized by Miguel Sánchez, an Alfresco enthusiast and long experienced developer in the platform. The meeting was celebrated in The Chapel room, a reconditioned space decorated with stained glasses that reminded us of the old days.

Miguel Sánchez started the day with an introductory session to Alfresco and its relation with business models. Alfresco is used around the world and the requirements in every zone are different, but it’s still possible to work globally for an expert in the platform.

Next session was delivered by Angel Borroy, Alfresco Engineer, who explained the features and the news of the Alfresco Search & Insight Engine product. “Alfresco Search Services” is the name of the Community version of this product, while “Alfresco Search and Insight Engine” is the name for the Enterprise version. Since both are Open Source and they share the same core, Insight Engine provide additional features (like JDBC connector) and the source code is only available for customers.

During the live demo, the attendees learnt how to configure Search Services for cross locale environments, where users are managing content in different languages at the same time, and they could understand how searching is applied in many different components of the platform. After the playing time, the new JDBC syntax for SOLR was presented. This connector allows the user access SOLR as a database, what improves the ability to build control panels with tools like Apache Zeppelin, Qlik or Tableau.

On the next session, the comparative between Alfresco Process Services (APS) 1 and APS 2 was explained by Miguel Sánchez. APS 2 relies on a new paradigm based in Cloud Native Architecture concepts, what makes it hard to compare with the existing product in terms of development and deployment procedures. However, regarding the user features, the Activiti Team has been focused on providing an equivalent (and compatible) set of tools for developers. For instance, the new Model Application is producing resources (BPMN XML and JSON Forms) that are mainly compatible with previous version. Despite the UI has been migrated from AngularJS to ADF (based in Angular), the movement is painless as there were many developers just building applications with ADF over APS 1. Although, when migrating previous projects, some work needs to be re-done, the transition seems not to be that hard.

The last session was provided by Miguel Ángel Martín, Engineer at Ixxus. He presented a message based approach to design connectors for APS 2.0, where events are triggered by listening to topics in these message queues. On a thrilling live demo, Miguel Ángel used Slack as translating tool by connecting the service with DeepL through an APS 2 Connector. The process was initiated from a message in Slack and the translation was sent again back to Slack by using a new message.

It was a great day, with attendees coming even from Portugal (thanks to Sergio, Eva and Tiago), but we missed some student in the session. Anyway we’ll keep on spreading the word, as Alfresco is also Community and Community is built on passion, personal relations and the will to help to the others.



Thanks for all your effort Miguel and see you all next time!

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