True love is the best thing in the world, except for cough drops!

William Goldman from The Princess Bride

If you are reading these lines, probably you know that I’ve been deeply involved with Alfresco Community in the last years:

  • I’ve been participating and speaking in every Alfresco Developer Conference from 2013
  • As member of the Order of the Bee, I was collaborating in the organisation of BeeCon 2016 Brussels and BeeCon 2017 Zaragoza
  • I authored many Alfresco related blog post in different sites: keensoft, Order of the Bee and Alfresco Community mainly.
  • I’ve recorded tutorial videos and I’ve participated in Tech Talk Live sessions in Alfresco YouTube Channel and also in keensoft YouTube Channel
  • I’ve been contributing to about 75 Open Source repositories related to Alfresco mainly at keensoft GitHub
  • I’ve been training in Alfresco to more than 200 people
  • I’m moderator at Alfresco Community and usual suspect at IRC/Discord Channel

And apart from this, I’m also Docker Community Leader for Zaragoza Chapter.

When I joined keensoft in 2012, I couldn’t have imagined that all this was possible. Obviously, a bit of passion and some hard work has been required, but the key has been to rely on a so confident teammate like Santiago Navarro and José Antonio Matute.

Now that I’m leaving the company to join Alfresco, many colleagues, projects and customers come to my mind. It has been a golden season in my career, and I’ll keep a warm place in my memory from these years.

Thanks to all of you who shared your time and thoughts with me at this stage.

But, as I announced before, I’m joining Alfresco as Senior Software Engineer in one week. I’m really excited about this movement, as I’m going to be able to give back some to the product and to work with fellows I know (and admire) from many years ago. And now that Alfresco is moving forward so fast, it’s the perfect time to be involved in the product.

I’ll be still based in Spain, and I’ll be still involved in Alfresco (and Docker) Community. So, no major changes will happen for many of you.

Let’s hoist sails and let’s see where the wind blows us!

Open different doors. You may find a you there that you never knew was yours.

Mary Poppins movie

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