Customizing Alfresco Share action tooltips

Alfresco Share web interface provides tooltips for every element and even for document actions. However, this tooltip has the same value as the label because there is only one property at file. For instance, actions.document.edit-metadata property is set to “Editar propiedades” in Spanish bundle so both tooltip and label have this same value.


These values can be customized in order to show a more detailed text to the user by including a new property at

actions.document.edit-metadata.tooltip=Editar propiedades o metadatos del documento

And by developing a customized renderAction method at action.js Alfresco source file.

renderAction: function dlA_renderAction(p_action, p_record)
   var urlContext = Alfresco.constants.URL_RESCONTEXT + "components/documentlibrary/actions/",
     iconStyle = 'style="background-image:url(' + urlContext + '{icon}-16.png)" ',
     actionTypeMarkup =
        "link": '<div class="{id}"><a title="{title}" class="simple-link" 
          href="{href}" ' + iconStyle + '{target}><span>{label}</span></a></div>',
        "pagelink": '<div class="{id}"><a title="{title}" class="simple-link" 
          href="{pageUrl}" ' + iconStyle + '><span>{label}</span></a></div>',
        "javascript": '<div class="{id}" id="{jsfunction}"><a title="{title}" 
          class="action-link" href="#"' + iconStyle + '><span>{label}</span></a></div>'
   // Store quick look-up for client-side actions
   p_record.actionParams[] = p_action.params;
   var tooltip = $html(Alfresco.util.substituteDotNotation(this.msg(p_action.label), p_record));
   if (this.msg(p_action.label + ".tooltip") != p_action.label + ".tooltip") {
  	 tooltip = $html(Alfresco.util.substituteDotNotation(this.msg(p_action.label + ".tooltip"), p_record));
   var markupParams =
      "icon": p_action.icon,
      "label": $html(Alfresco.util.substituteDotNotation(this.msg(p_action.label), p_record)),
      "title": tooltip

  // ...


After this little tweak, customized (and detailed) tooltips are shown in Alfresco Share.




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