Alfresco · Electronic signature

Electronic signature addons for Alfresco

Alfresco community provides several electronic signature addons for documents in Share webapp:

All these tools cover one part of the electronic signature creation lifecycle, by providing the use of digital certificates to the user in Share webapp. Some of this addons build basic electronic signatures (P#7, CMS, XMLDSig o PDF) and the others build advanced electronic signature formats (CAdES, XAdES y PAdES). However, using only any of these addons, organizations can only achieve a partial solution for electronic signature.

In order to provide the whole electronic signature lifecycle with Alfresco, some additional components are required:

  • ID · Authentication subsystem to provide identification with digital certificates
  • AdES-T · Electronic signature elevation in order to provide in a safely way the for the operation (requires a TSA)
    • It’s also required a CSP to perform validations on the digital certificate
  • AdES-XL · Electronic signature elevation in a self-contained format in order to allow document validation without the intervention of third parties (TSL, TSA or CSP)
  • AdES-A · Electronic signature elevation to archive format in order to preserve it for the period of validity
    • Re-stamping policies must be applied to preserve the electronic signature over the time (requires a TSA)


Final remarks

Alfresco community has started to integrate electronic signature technologies in the platform, however there is still a long way to go to reach the level of maturity required by organizations to achieve a complete service on electronic signature.



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